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From the Melaleuca home page: Since 1985, Melaleuca has been manufacturing consumable products to help people live healthier, longer, and more vibrant lives. Unlike other companies, Melaleuca refuses to compromise on quality. It uses only the finest ingredients and a balance of science and nature to make more than 350 wellness products that millions […]

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From the site’s Contact page Members of the professional news media working on a story about Melaleuca for publication or broadcast (radio, TV, newspaper, magazine, blogs) may reach us at 208-528-2011 or via email by clicking here. Only inquiries from members of the press will be answered by Melaleuca’s media relations team. Melaleuca’s press contacts […]

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From the home page of the site: You’ll find opportunities to learn and grow. You’ll find people excited about what they are doing. You’ll find a company providing benefits beyond what you might expect. If you are bright, dedicated and willing to make a serious commitment to an organization that is revolutionizing the way the […]

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From the About page on is the review site where customers can share their product experiences online. Do you love Melaleuca Products? Share your Melaleuca product review with us today. Visit for Melaleuca Reviews.

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From the site’s home page: Spanning the past two decades, Melaleuca has been recognized again and again as an exceptional company with an exceptional CEO that accomplishes exceptional things. Melaleuca has reaped local, state, national and even international accolades for its business prowess and charitable kindness, while Melaleuca Chief Executive Officer Frank VanderSloot has earned […]

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From the site’s home page: Melaleuca is on a mission to enhance lives and wants you to live a life full of vitality. You must eat smart, get active, stay accountable, and take the necessary Melaleuca Vitality supplements. This blog will give you the resources and info you need to have Vitality for Life. Vitalize […] The Largest Fireworks Show in the West

From the site’s home page: The Melaleuca Freedom Celebration, which offers one of the nation’s biggest and best fireworks shows on Independence Day, pays tribute to the soldiers and their families who have sacrificed their lives to secure and preserve the freedoms of this great nation. Now in its 23rd year, the celebration is sponsored […]

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From the site’s home page: Clean homes. Clean Streams. Clean air. Clean Conscience. That’s the promise of Melaleuca’s innovative EcoSense cleaning, laundry and dish products. Our goal is to provide consumers highly effective products, with minimal environmental impact, using the best of science and nature. Whenever possible we look for safer, natural formulas that provide […]